We welcome the #4 Hiro Protagonist to the sandwich line up

As our regular customers have no doubt noticed, for a number of years we have had no #4 sandwich.  We used to.  But it has been so long since we have had it that I can’t remember what it was.  All I can recall is that is wasn’t a good seller so we 86’ed it.

Just recently though my wife Carolyn was commenting that we really should have a BLT on the lunch menu because whenever we feature it as a special it does well.   So here was an opportunity to bring back the #4.  But what to name it?   For that answer we must go back to 1991 or so when I was working at Shakespeare & Co. on the upper west side of Manhattan.   A fellow employee  (who happened to be a fellow Buckeye such as myself) gave me a galley of a book to come out called Snow Crash.   I read it and was enthralled.  To this day I still have that beaten up copy and whenever I can’t decide on what to read next I pick it up and settle in.   Hiro’s arrival on the sandwich board will mark our second dystopian character in the current sandwich line up.

Welcome Hiro.  I am pleased to have you on the board.

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