The Fedco Seed Catalogue is here!!

O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! The Fedco Seed Catalogue is here!!  Admittedly we received it back at the tail end of December but I am just now casting my eyes on what I think of as the catalogue of fresh hope and new beginnings.

I have a confession to make –  last year’s growing season for Carolyn and me was a dud.  We missed the window for starting all our seeds so, like dominoes falling, the rest of the season simply fell apart and never materialized. But that was last year…..

This year I am very excited to take another crack at the role of amateur gardener.   One project I want to undertake to make the seedling stage more productive / fun is to build a hoop house!   I’ll try to document the construction and implementation of this endeavor for your entertainment and our mutual education.   I will be looking for guidance from my old friend Ray Williams of Back Beyond Farm.  He is my go-to guy for my endless questions on the dark art of growing vegetables competently.

So I will close by wishing all of my fellow growers, both professional and dabblers,  an upcoming bountiful and fulfilling growing season!!

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