Yankee Magazine Best of 2019 – We’re Mentioned

I have been meaning to post this.  Yankee Magazine recently published their annual best of New England Editor’s Picks Awards and listed the Norwich Farmers’ Market as the best market in Vermont.   And in the description of the market we are specifically mentioned along with Woodcock Farm and 4 Corners Farm as one of the vendors to go see.  Here is the link to the article.

I just bought a flat of blueberries from 4 Corners Farm for the bakery which reminded me of the Yankee article.  They (the blueberries, not the article) were in our muffins this morning and they will also be in our blueberry danish this Saturday at the market.  And we LOVE Woodcock Farm’s True Blue cheese made from cow’s milk and their Summer Snow cheese made from goat’s milk!

Another one of our favorite vendors at the market is On the Edge Farm.  They are our go to place for meat –  we love their pork ribs, sausage, roasts, ground beef and pork and the list goes on.

With the summer harvest in full swing I highly recommend you come by the NFM.  It is open every Saturday, rain or shine from the first Saturday in May to the last Saturday in October.  This is our 19th season selling there!

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