The Christmas Pudding Chronicles

Day 1 of the Project

With such an English sur-name as Umpleby one would think that I have been making/ eating Christmas Puddings since I was a little lad.  The truth is no – the classic British holiday dessert enjoyed and written about extensively in literature throughout the ages and I are complete strangers.

But this Christmas season I hope the pudding and I are not only going to become acquainted, but with luck, become fast friends.

I know I am a bit late making one for this Christmas –  I missed Stir It Up Sunday 2018 but I will not be thwarted.  I plan on putting the ingredients together and commence the steaming this weekend.

So, what is the impetus for this project?  Well, my daughter is away for her first year in school in Scotland and will be home Christmas eve.  I’m not ready to give haggis a go as a homecoming meal but I thought a classic traditional United Kingdom dessert would be fun to do. Hence, the pudding.  I’ll post the recipe that I’m going to use tomorrow.