Day 13 Christmas Cookie – The Pecan Thumbprint

Day 13 The Pecan Thumbprint   All of you who have been following the 24 days of Christmas Cookies probably noticed that we didn’t feature a cookie yesterday.   I simply ran out of time to make a new one.  Yesterday we had the pleasure to host the  7th grade class from the Quechee Waldorf School who came by to make Saint Lucia Buns. It’s an annual celebration that they observe at the school and since my wife is on the festivals committee there I offered our bakehouse to make the buns for this year. A splendid time was guaranteed for all!  Unfortunately, as a result I couldn’t get a Christmas Cookie out that day in time.  So as a remedy we will feature two cookies at one time in the near future.

Today we have the good fortune to spotlight the Pecan Thumbprint.  The basic baking building blocks are at it again with the addition of ground pecans on the inside and a whole pecan on the outside.  And to finish, yes you guessed it,  10x snow on top.

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