Day 2 Christmas Cookie – The Sugar Cookie

Day 2 –  The Sugar Cookie  In light of tonight being  Celebrate the Season here in Hanover today’s feature cookie has to be the sugar cookie.  (We will be offering free sugar cookie decorating for the kids tonight from 4 – 8 pm)  What can one say about this ubiquitous cookie made by virtually every baker on the planet?  Well, for one thing it is versatile – the sugar cookie has the unique ability of being able to be rolled and cut into just about any shape imaginable.  That comes in handy when baking cookies for Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s.  Just use red or green sanding sugar on the hearts and shamrocks and you’re good to go!    The other thing is that this cookie has great crunch.  One thing that I learned from a pastry chef I worked for many years ago is that every great dessert needs some kind of crunch component for it to be successful. Well this cookie has it.  The last thing I’ll say about this cookie is that it is just a lot of fun!  It’s a great cookie to make with your kids or main squeeze or in the dorm room with your toaster oven.

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