Mardi Gras is coming and you know what that means?

Mardi Gras is Donut Day at Umpleby’s!

We’ll be frying our amazing  yeast raised donuts in celebration of the last day before Lent.

We’ll have glazed, crullers, chocolate dipped, Boston Cream, and Bavarian Cream and maybe some jelly filled too.

Donut Day is not a day to be missed!  The only reasonable excuse to miss such an important day is that you are in New Orleans instead.

Sadly we won’t be selling King Cakes this year.  Truth be told I burned the hell out my right hand making them last year so I decided that King Cakes weren’t my thing.  I still have a nice scar where the molten sugar got me.  But enough of that ……..

Laissez les bon temps rouler!!


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