The Piano has arrived to the Patio!!

Hands on Pianos!!  The Hopkins Center

From the Hop Website:  Whether your specialty is chopsticks or Chopin, you’ll be the keyboard maestro this July in the Upper Valley. Thanks to the Hands on Pianos community project, colorfully decorated pianos will be turning up at bus stops, parks, sidewalk plazas, farm stands, general stores and other unexpected places around the region for the duration of that month, available for people of all ages and skill levels to explore, enjoy and engage in impromptu music-making. 

Kicking off the Hop’s 50th-anniversary season, Hands On Pianos is modeled after other “street piano” projects in cities around the world. The Hop’s version involves 50 instruments, most of them “heavily loved” donated pianos that will be transformed into eye-catching marvels by local artists.  The project will also include a handful of “partner pianos” already in place in schools, community centers and businesses willing to make them available to all comers.

We received our piano today and it looks great!!  Come by to give a play!


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