The family is back from vacation

View at sunset from the deck of the house we stayed at

Pushcart Press - and the smallest bookstore in the world!

My family and I had the opportunity last week to get away to the Maine coast for a vacation. It seems we go on vacation once every leap year.   We missed last week’s Norwich Farmer’s Market as a result and disappointed some of our regular customers.  My apologies! But please be assured that we will be back this Saturday, July 28th with our usual assortment of delicious pastries, breads and meat pies.

What else is going on you ask?  I’m glad you asked –  this Saturday, the 28th also, I will be doing a bread making demo over at Shackleton Furniture in Bridgewater.  Charlie is having a New Designs Show from 5 – 7 pm that day.  One of the new designs will be a Bridgewater Kitchen Table that is perfect for bread making and other baking pursuits.  Hopefully I will be able to prove that correct!

View during the day from the deck of the house that we stayed at

A boat

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