Thanksgiving magic

Last week I returned from our annual Thanksgiving menu planning meeting in Connecticut. Prior to the meeting, we look through our old menus, flick through some tried and true recipe books and follow the food sections in our favorite newspapers. As the tradition goes, one member of the family volunteers to be the note taker which is not an easy task as we’re an easily distracted lot. In years past the note taker job has always fallen to our eldest but with her off at college this year the task fell to our other super organized family member, E. After much hilarity and a fairly heated stuffing argument, the menu was 2018 formed. A few days later a typed copy of the menu arrived in our mail boxes. Recipes are scanned, shopping planned, wine and hard cider decision made, whiskey to toast our beloved daughter who won’t be home for another 36 days (yes, I’m counting), bird ordered months ago and pies? – well, that’s the easy part.



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