Day 8 Christmas Cookie – The Chocolate Dipped Shortbread

Day 8 The Chocolate Dipped Shortbread  After a long hiatus we welcome back this favorite for the Holiday Season.   The secret to the delicate crunch of this amazing cookie is that the recipe calls for some rice flour as well as AP flour.  To those who don’t know what AP stands for – if you see it in front of flour it means “all purpose”.  As opposed to standing for Associated Press or Advanced Placement or Audio Precision or Alternative Press or ….  you get the idea.  Another great thing is that we dip them in some very fine chocolate.  And nothing says Christmas like dipping stuff in chocolate. Remember the macaroons from day 6 ?  Dip those in chocolate and you have your self another completely new cookie.  ( I’m not going to cheat though and slip that cookie in the 24 day count)  Another great thing about this cookie is its shape.  It’s piped with a star tip giving it the nice match- stick-look.  And that’s great when you want a diversified cookie platter.  Who wants a tray of just round cookies or ball shaped cookies?  You need a few trylons to go with all those perispheres.

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