Day 9 Christmas Cookie – Orange Hazelnut Crescent

Day 9 Orange Hazelnut Crescent We continue our exploration of non-round/ non-ball cookies with another shape – the crescent.  Speaking of crescents, do you know the origin of the croissant and why it is shaped the way it is?  Well, it originated in Budapest in 1686 when the Turks were besieging the city.  Damn those Turks! To reach the centre of the town, they dug underground passages. Bakers, working during the night, heard the noise made by the Turks and gave the alarm.  The assailants were repulsed and the bakers who had saved the city were granted the honor of making a special pastry made in the form of a crescent in memory of the emblem on the Ottoman flag.   That means this year the croissant is celebrating the 325th anniversary of its origin.  Happy Birthday Croissant!  I’ve enjoyed making you for the past 12 years.

But now back to today’s cookie.  We welcome back nuts to the recipe, this time ground hazelnuts.  Add some orange zest, give it that venerable crescent shape and finally decorate with some mighty fine chocolate.  What a tasty cookie!

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