Pastygate / The 99% and the 1%

In light of the interesting news coming out of the newspapers from the UK we will be making traditional Cornish Pasties this Sunday!   I cordially welcome the PM and the Conservative MP’s to come on over and reacquaint themselves with them as well as observe how a small family owned business works in the great town of Hanover!  With a name like Umpleby I can assure them that I have the heritage of making a decent pasty going for me!

Here is the NYT article   If my bakery was in England I would be very anxious on how this all turns out.  A 20% VAT (tax) on take away baked goods such as pasties and meat pies?  Is the government out of their collective minds?  That would be a ” game over” law to the bakeries relying on take away sales!

For the rest of you 99%’s  I certainly welcome you to come by as well!

This is classic workingman’s food and dammit it they taste good!

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