The Passing of a Legend – Donald “Duck” Dunn

With the danger of turning this website into an obituary column I have to post the passing of a legendary bass player – Donald “Duck” Dunn.   He is best known for playing with Booker T and the MGs as well as The Blues Brothers Band and touring with Eric Clapton.   He was a session bass player on the Stax Records label out of Memphis.  The people he played with is a regular who’s who in the Blues, Rock and R&B  Community.

I had the pleasure to see him many years ago in NYC when he was playing with Booker T.   They were playing at a venue that the front looked like a greyhound bus.  I don’t think it is there anymore.  Does anyone out there remember that place and what it was called?

The NYT article is here –  DUCK DUNN

I should mention the big reason why I am so saddened by his death is that I am a bass player too.  Much to the chagrin of my parents I spent maybe too much time playing in different rock and jazz bands to the possible detriment of my studies.  Duck Dunn was definitely an influence on my playing.   In my defense though I still did well enough to get into Skidmore.  It must have been all the musical activities on my CV!

It is very sad though to hear of his passing.  The music community has lost its bass clef.




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