Super Bowl- Feb 2nd / Groundhog Day / Umpleby’s Baked Goods

imagesEven though the Giants (and the Patriots) aren’t in the Super Bowl this year you will still want to have some fun, delicious food on hand to watch the game.   And if you aren’t going to watch the game or even the commercials it will still be Groundhog Day and that is a celebration in and of itself!  You’ll need food for that!  Here are some suggestions of what we will be offering for ordering:

Our Sourdough Boules make great vessels for dips

Meat Pies / Sausage Rolls  – enjoy the game the Australian way!

Sandwiches, Sandwiches, Sandwiches!  Get a couple or get a platter they are perfect to go with whatever libation you are planning on enjoying!

Cookies – during the half time or after the game you’ll want a bite of something sweet – get our  classic chocolate chip or get a few dozen of an assortment.

Rolls, Rolls Rolls – they go great with whatever you are serving or use them to make sliders  to go with the burgers you grill on the barbie.

So don’t procrastinate – get your order in so it will be ready for pick up the day of the game!



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